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Local cottage resort property under new management

The site of the former Torbay Cottages is under new ownership. The Finch Beach Resort, owned and operated by local musician and arts administrator Holly Cunningham, will offer unique getaways to a millennial focused tourism market along with hosting artist residences to welcome creative professionals to Lake Nipissing's shores. 

The property has a long history of providing vacation getaways to Canadian tourists spanning over 85 years, the location offering the perfect combination of walkable amenities with a beautiful sandy beach setting. The Finch will create an exclusive boutique feel but with good sized units that offer a range of flexibility for short or long vacations makes it an excellent product for southern Ontario travellers. The owner's strong connections to the creative sector in the city (and across the country) will also help to propel the Finch as a premier destination for artists across the globe seeking a unique getaway to focus on their practice.

North Bay is poised to become the next big Ontario travel destination with its soft sand beaches, 4 seasons outdoor activities, robust arts and creative sector and a blossoming culinary scene - all within a 3.5 hour drive from Canada’s most populated

region. The Finch Beach Resort envisions being one of the first properties to usher in this trend.

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